About Me - Denise Renee Photography

     I have had so many titles throughout the years;  room mom, team mom, barn mom, craft mom, party planner, taxi driver and of course, "photo mom."  It wasn't until our daughters started to compete in horse shows that I discovered it was really worthwhile to invest in learning more about photography.

       We have lived in Temecula for 20 years now!  It seems like yesterday that we had two little toddlers and were living in this small town.  Now, we're suddenly "empty nesters"  and have young adults attending college and the dogs have our full attention.  This small town has grown up too and we are enjoying visiting all of the local wineries as often as possible!  

      It was emotional for me to watch my kids graduate from high school and move on to their next phase of life.  Now, I realize that change can be rewarding and positive for me too.   I am so thankful to have a little free time and some awesome camera gear so that I can continue to learn and expand my photography business.  It's a great feeling to be able to earn an income doing something I enjoy so much!  I get to be creative and use so many fun ideas and techniques.

    My advice:

       Make time to do photo shoots with your families... Tell the teenagers (and the husbands) it's just one day for mom.  The kids grow up so fast and time passes faster each year!  Trust me,  you will be so thankful to have some professional photos to cherish.  The kids might even thank you one day for making them do it!  ;)

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